Hello, I’m gonna do it as fast as I can.

My name is Cahyaning Shinta P. K, I’m 00’s, and I’m easily exhausted with almost everything. Also, I’m that typical of memories-sick person. Sometimes, it feels like, dude, that time was suuuperrr fun, I want to go back!!!! Today is not my day but those days!!! Arghh I miss the old me and the old friends and……blablabla…¬†until I’m so over with that and forget that feeling. sux.

I like poetries because they could tell everyone what I really feel and who I really am, sometimes. You can find me on Pinterest if you want to know how moody I am, but if you’re just as lazy as me to find me on Pinterest, I’ll share some of them on this site. I like photograph, and I’m gonna share my photographs too on this site and hope you guys will enjoy it. I like foods, like so much, but I want to be fit. I don’t really do work out, but sometimes I have to. Ok this introduction becomes more annoying to read so, I end it up.

If you want to know me more,

just meet me in the person. jk. x


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